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Monday 30 March 2015
Dear Parents and Whanau,
With much excitement I am looking forward to our Room 3 camp to The Marahau Outdoor Education Centre from Tuesday May 5 to Friday May 8. With this notice the children also have a gear list and a medical/consent form. Please return the medical/consent form by this Thursday April 2.  I know this is rather tight, but I would like these returned before the holidays.
Costs I don’t have a final cost for the camp at this stage, but it will not be more than $100. There will be a final camp notice, including the cost, in the first week of next term.
Students will be very comfortable, sleeping in bunk-bed style cabins.
Camp activities will include:
·         Kayaking
·         Abseiling (with professional instructors)
·         A full-day walk to Appletree Bay
·         Cycling
·         Camp concert
·         Cooking damper
·         Beach activities and a study of the ecology of the bay
Departure- On Tuesday 5 May please be at school by 8.45 a.m. We will stop for a programme at the Motueka Recreation Centre en route to Marahau. We will have our packed lunch in Motueka and will arrive in Marahau at approximately 1.30 p.m.
Return- On Friday 8 May we will return directly to school by 3pm. Please ensure you are on time to pick up your child.

Camp Contact Information-
Marahau Outdoor Education Centre
Beach Front
Marahua R.D.2
Camp Telephone: 03 527 8004

Thank you for your ongoing support

Scott Stocker (my email is scott@nelsoncentral.school.nz)


Personal Requirements

Please ensure that EVERYTHING is named and packed in a kitbag, pack or case.

1 sleeping bag
1 pillow with pillow-case
Swimming costume for kayaking
Two towels
Wetsuit or easy-to-dry polar fleece to keep warm while kayaking.
Warm jersey\sweatshirt\polar fleece.
Warm Jacket.
Handkerchiefs or tissues
Underwear (enough to last four days)
Socks (at least 4 pairs)
Comfortable sneaker type shoes (two pairs if possible) + water shoes/sandals if possible.
Shorts and longs, shirts and appropriate tops
Warm hat/beanie                                                                                                  
Plastic bags for dirty clothing                                                                   
Backpack suitable for day hike (Pack with Day One lunch please.)      
Cycle Helmet
Toilet Gear: soap, facecloth, toothpaste and brush etc.
Insect repellant
Plate, bowl, cup/mug and cutlery.
Two tea towels
4+ pegs
Any personal medication required. (Clearly labelled with doses and administration times)

To be packed Separately:
  • Packet of biscuits or a container of homemade baking to be pooled for morning/afternoon teas and supper.
  • Lunch for the first day of camp and a filled named water bottle.

Optional Extras:                                                                                                                            
Torch, 1 small soft toy/cuddly, camera

Do Not Bring:
Electronic devices, money, phones, extra food/lollies/drinks.

Tuesday 21 April 2015
Dear Parents and Whanau,
We are counting the days down till camp…..not next week but the week after! As soon as possible I will put the important camp notices on the blog, especially the gear list. However, all camp notices have been sent home as paper copies already.
The final cost of camp is $90.  Please send the money to school as soon as possible. It needs to be paid at the school office by next Friday May 1. Thank you.
FOOD: I have decided that we will have a cooked meal on the first night, so please DON’T send food for the first dinner, but we still need some baking for snacks to share. Please don’t send anything with nuts because we have a child with a severe nut allergy. Thank you.
Kind regards
Scott Stocker

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