Thursday, 18 February 2016

Home work: week 3 and 4 Room 3
Time for you to be the teacher!
Look at your list of strengths from last week. Choose one and plan a 10 minute lesson on how to teach a small part of it.

Some examples: If your strength is swimming then you could plan a 10 minute lesson on how to teach how to do breaststroke. If your strength is art you could plan how to teach drawing with perspective. If your strength is science perhaps you could plan an experiment to show a chemical reaction. If your strength is rugby you can plan how to teach kicking skills.
You have two weeks to plan this 10 minute lesson in your homework book.

You actually will be teaching your lesson to a group of students, (about 6), so think carefully about what you will be doing. You will need to organise any equipment you need for your lesson so think about that before you plan.

As always, if you are stuck or need help– you only need to ask!

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