Thursday, 19 May 2016

Home work: week 3: All due by Thursday
1.       We are continuing with our maths. If you got 100% in your basic facts test this week you will have a new sheet.  Please practise your basic facts for the test next THURSDAY.

2.       Spelling – You have 5 words to learn by next Friday.

3.       Social science – Our topic this term is me and my environment:
Give full explanations to the following questions
(a)    What is a continent?
(b)   Make a list of the world’s seven continents.
(c)    There are 5 main oceans in the world. List them in order of size, (area).

4.       Extra for experts: (optional) Make a new google doc and write about a subject of your choice. Your writing will get a given a star rating of 1-3. Your stars will get added up at the end of term and there will be Totara dollar rewards for different point levels.

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