Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Home work: week 6: All due by Thursday
1.       Different Maths sheets have gone home this week – these are to reinforce what you have been learning in class.
2.       Spelling – You have 5 words to learn by next Friday.
3.       Science- Dinosaurs – Many scientists believe that dinosaurs were reptiles.
·         Find out about one particular dinosaur.
·         How big was it? When, where and how did it live? What were some interesting features?
·         Prepare a short talk on your dinosaur to present to the class.

4.       Extra for experts: (optional) Make a new google doc and write about a subject of your choice. Your writing will get a given a star rating of 1-3. Your stars will get added up at the end of term and there will be Totara dollar rewards for different point levels.

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