Thursday, 11 February 2016

Home work week 2

Home work: week 2 Room 3
Getting to know ourselves something that really helps us in lives. Everybody has strengths and challenges and they are all different for each person. Strengths are things you feel you are confident to do. They are not just about things to do with school work! They can be to do with how you get on with others, or things you do outside of school as well (for example: biking, building things or gymnastics). Challenges are things that you do not feel comfortable doing.  Challenges are things we need to work on become confident doing them. These do not have to be about school work either!
Think about yourself and then:
Write down 4 strengths that you have.
Write down 4 things you find challenging.

Now talk to your parent or caregiver. Ask them to give you 2 examples of strengths and challenges they have, (writing this down is optional!).

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